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Financial Planning That Is Tailored To Suit Your Needs. Now And For The Future.

Our Services


Elkmont Wealth Management, PLLC financial services which include alternative investments, annuities, equities, fee-based managed accounts, discretionary accounts, fixed income investments, insurance, mutual funds, retirement services and trust services.

Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a broker/dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services are through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor. Cambridge and Elkmont Wealth Management, PLLC are not affiliated.

Clearing Firms

A clearing firm is an agency or separate corporation of a future’s exchange responsible for settling trading accounts, clearing trades, collecting and maintaining margin monies, regulating delivery and reporting trading data. Clearing firms act as third parties to all futures and options contracts – as a buyer to every clearing firm seller and a seller to every clearing firm buyer.

Cambridge utilizes Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions (FCCS) 

and Pershing as its clearing firms.

Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions – a Fidelity Investment Company.

Pershing – A BNY Mellon company.

Financial Planning

Financial plans – flat fee or hourly. Minimum one hour. Flat fee for plan will range based upon complexity.

Alternative Investments

  • Managed Futures

  • Precious Metals

  • Hedge Funds

  • Real Estate Investment Trust

  • Private Investment in Equity and Debt

  • Oil and Gas Programs


  • Fixed Annuities

  • Immediate Annuities

  • Index Annuities

  • Fee – Based Variable Annuities

  • Variable Annuities


  • FDIC Insured CDs


  • Individual Listed Equities

Fee-Based Managed Accounts  

Fee-Based Third-Party Managers

3D Asset Management, Absolute Capital Management, Advisors Asset Management (AAM), Advisors Capital Management, Aristotle, Bayhawk Asset Management, Beacon, BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Brinker Capital, BTS Asset Management, Camelot Portfolios, LLC, City National Rochdale Investment Management, Clark Capital Management Group (CCM), CLS Investments, LLC, CMG Capital Management Group, Corbyn Investment Management, Dunham Funds, Flexible Plan Investments, LTD, Frontier Asset Management, Hanlon Investment Management, Howard Capital Management, Inc., ICON Asset Management, Integrated Capital Management (ICM), ITS Asset Management, Manning and Napier Advisory Advantage, Meeder Financial, Morningstar Investment Services, Niemann Capital Management, Pacific Financial Group, Portfolio Strategies, Potomac Fund Management, PTS Asset Management, Sowell Management Services, Stonebridge Capital, Vantage Investment Advisors, Wealth Builder Investments (WBI), 


Money Manager Platforms

AssetMark (formerly Genworth Financial), CAAP®, Envestnet Direct, Eqis Capital, Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions℠ (FCCS) Managed Account Services (MAS), FTJ FundChoice, Lockwood Financial Services, SEI Advisor Network

Fixed Income

  • Bonds – Corporate, Government, Municipal

  • Preferred Stocks


  • Life Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Long-term Care Insurance

Mutual Funds

  • Load and No-Load funds. Over 18,000 funds available.

Retirement Services

  • 401(k)s

  • Defined Benefit

  • Profit Sharing

  • SEP

  • Simple IRA

Trust Services                                                                                             The Advisory Trust Company of Delaware

The Advisory Trust Company of Delaware (Advisory Trust) provides trustee, trust administration services for high net worth individuals and families. They work exclusively with professional advisors, assisting them in helping their clients achieve their financial goals by using the full range of trust strategies available under Delaware law. The advisor manages the assets in trust.

Independent Trust Company of America/Santa Fe Trust, Inc.

Independent Trust Company of America is an independent trust company offering premium personal trust administrative services while teaming with outside professional financial advisers to invest client portfolios. Unlike a traditional bank trust department or trust company, Independent Trust Company of America provides no investment management services but rather works with its investment advisor “partners.”

SEI Private Trust Company

Personal Trust Services incorporates existing SEI asset management programs currently available to your high net worth investors. SEI Private Trust Company (SPTC) serves in the capacity of directed trustee and agent for the trustee.

Charitable Trusts

Renaissance Trust Services

With over 25 year of industry-leading experience, Renaissance is the nation’s largest independent provider of charitable planning and charitable trust administration. Renaissance strives to provide world-class service in everything they do and is constantly working to expand the social capital marketplace.

Special Needs Trust

Zia Trust, Inc.

Zia Trust offers trustee services only, focusing in the area of special needs trusts. Zia Trust honors and protects the relationship clients have with their advisor and works alongside you to provide quality trustee services. Zia Trust is an independent corporate trustee dedicated fully to serving advisors and their clients.

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